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NEW! Slide House Tumble SCRIPT Autofarm Wins ...

PROMPT DESKThe control centre of the show. The desk should contain most of the following: a clock, low level lighting, a flat surface for the prompt script, communication facility to other technical departments, a phone for emergency, rear and front of house calls system and cue light controls.

NEW! Slide House Tumble SCRIPT | Autofarm Wins ...

RELAXED PERFORMANCEA Relaxed Performance is one specifically modified to help audience members with special needs to feel at home in the theatre, and to enable them to feel able to make noise and comment on the performance when they wish to. They are designed for audience members with autism, learning disabilities and sensory or communication needs. The sound level is often reduced, complex lighting changes are simplified, and the cast and company warn families when unexpected noises will occur. Often the house lights are left on, and the audience is given a pre-show tour of the theatre so that they are familiar with the environment. The performances sit alongside special measures for audio-description and signed performances for those with sight or hearing impairments, and were introduced to the West End in mid 2013. Guardian article on Relaxed Performances at the National Theatre, UKSociety of London Theatre Relaxed Performances information

(Cyborg rips the wings away, leaving Gizmo to tumble through the air. Out come the four spider legs, one of which lands a big roundhouse lash against the jaw. Cyborg goes over the edge and crashes down onto a lower platform; in no time flat, Gizmo has jumped after him and planted those four legs to hem him in. Two of them come down to impale the bionic Titan, but he seizes them just short of his face and strains to push them away.)

(Now the dirty dealer works his jaw back and forth a bit and opens his mouth very wide. Inside is a gush of water, which he spits up at the young hero. To avoid instant drowning, Robin slides down the line and tumbles across the floor; he fires off another grapple and snags one spider leg. The Master snaps the line tight to crack Robin off and against the wall, then fires his cannon for a direct hit that drops the dazed champion to the floor.)

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